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Women's Crew Socks

If there is one piece of advice that we could give you about socks, it is this: Never compromise on comfort. There are so many kinds of socks that vary in their style and material, choosing your next pair can be frustrating. It’s crucial that you choose the perfect one.

If you make a mistake, you will be stuck with a subpar purchase and uncomfortable socks. Why choose badly when you can get the absolute best in Australia? At Sox by Angus, we bring to you all kinds of socks, in varying patterns and lengths. But we also want you to pick the pair of socks you love.

You might have your personal preference for socks, but there are some that are trending. Crew socks are quite popular, taking over no-show, ankle length and long socks. They are short, thick socks that are extremely useful in winter. Crew socks are mostly unisex, but many designs and patterns can be printed onto them.

Our socks are rugged enough for daily use, ribbed at the top of the ankles to hold on snugly. They are comfortable, promote circulation and keep your feet dry and free of bacteria.

We make our crew socks from bamboo fibre, which is sustainable. It can endure several long uses and retains flexibility and softness. You can find your favorite palette regardless of whether you love monochrome or psychedelia. Zip through your day in our wide range of socks!

On our website, you can browse through a great collection of socks and pick the pair you find perfect. You can use one of many payment methods including credit cards, and avail free shipping on orders above $50! Order now and get your feet the love they deserve.

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