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Women's Wool Socks

Best Wool Socks in Australia

Just like summer is the time for light and flowy clothes, winter is a time to bundle up. When it arrives, the first thing you will notice is the cold crawling up your feet. Feet have a lot of nerve endings and are very sensitive to changes in temperature. You surely don’t want to be stuck wearing cotton socks all through winter.

When cotton socks get soaked, they stop insulating your feet. They can’t help you tide through the winter, so replace them with warm woollen socks and stay cosy.

Especially those cosy winter boots that look like they help traverse the cold need socks inside them. They can lead to friction burns if you don’t wear socks under them. Wool socks wick away dampness while drying fast, which means that they can be reused faster.

The fibre stops bacterial growth and is resistant to smells, so you can be sure your feet aren’t a breeding ground for fungus. Walk worry-free all winter!

Sometimes people think that womens wool socks aren’t as interesting because they are available in dull colours. But we don’t like being boring and have a very big collection of woollen socks in several designs. Pick the ones you love and take them wherever you want to tide over the winter.

Finest Quality Collection Of Womens Wool Socks

Get the softest woollen socks to help you tide through winter at Sox by Angus! Our company is committed to bringing you the best quality in womens wool socks, and the designs are made keeping comfort and care in mind. With a 20-year experience in making socks, we know exactly what you are looking for!

Browse through our vast selection of colours and designs on our website. When you’re ready to order, receive free shipping on orders above $50. Bring home a pair of Sox by Angus today!

Angora wool blend socks

Every season has its own flavours.

You wait for the winters entire year and then it comes to you, all happy and chill. Just to make you feel a little fresh in the pink breeze.

It’s fine and lovable till the breeze is pink. But, what about when it turns all blue and makes your body temperature go jeepers and your feet all ulalal! 3-8 and 6-11

Before it makes you jump up and down in callousness, it’s time to buck up and buy your winter essentials.

To complete your list of winter essentials we have brought to you our oozy angora wool blend socks with cushiony interiors to make you feel extra warm and soothe. Angora wool blend sock is a 2 pair pack which is available in 14 colours options for both sizes of 3-8 and 6-11. These socks are soft and comfortable top.

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