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Women's Cotton Socks

As seasons change, so do the clothes in your wardrobe. Summer is a time to finally put away heavy winter coats and duvets, and replace them with flowery, breezy light clothes.

Socks are no exception to this. When you’re wearing flowy sundresses or tank tops and shorts, it makes no sense to wear thick woollen socks. Unless you use versatile bamboo socks, you know you want to change your sock style from wool to cotton.

Matching your socks can be a hassle once you notice how many kinds there are and how crucial they are to your wardrobe. No one knows this better than us, and in our 20 years producing socks, we know what you want out of your socks.

Cotton socks have stood the test of time, remaining an all-time classic. They are made of natural fibre, breathable and absorbent. Therefore, many textiles ranging from clothes to bed sheets are made of cotton.

A common complaint is that cotton socks are rough. But if you pick the right quality, cotton socks are extremely soft. They hug your feet in a way that feels like you aren’t even wearing them.

Cotton is a natural fibre that retains colour. Hardly anyone will complain about their dull cotton socks because they always stay vibrant regardless of the number of times they have been washed.

The fibre is super breathable and helps your skin stay safe against friction burns and being stinky.  Additionally, it is also hypoallergic, so if your skin is sensitive, cotton socks will prevent it from allergic reactions. We make socks that are vibrant and pleasing, without burning a hole in your pocket.

For the absolute best socks, come to Sox by Angus. We have a great collection of cotton socks for women, and we deliver across Australia! Our designs are crafted keeping love and comfort in mind and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Browse through our collection, and when you are ready to welcome new socks home, avail free shipping over $50!

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