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High-Quality Novelty Socks, Bamboo Socks and all you need socks At Affordable Prices

Socks are the dark horse of clothing items. They might not be the first thing to come to mind when selecting your wardrobe, but they can transform your appearance completely.

Formal socks help you look dapper in the business sphere and funky socks show off your personality. Especially at events such as house parties and indoor gatherings, novelty socks, and colourful socks are a great way to highlight your taste.

Besides sprucing up your appearance, comfortable bamboo socks also keep your feet in the best of health. They absorb sweat from a long walk, keep your feet from getting stinky and keep them clean. Maintaining the dryness of your feet ensures that you are protected against fungal infections and blisters.

In colder weather, they warm your feet and protect them against frostbite while cushioning them. Keeping your feet warm helps maintain your body temperature.

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With 15-year experience, Soxbyangus brings to you the best of both worlds. Our socks are created with a vision to give you comfortable, premium socks in Australia that you can afford. They are designed by a family-backed Australian socks business that is environmentally conscious and strives to give you the absolute best in the industry.

Whether it is Mens socks or Womens socks that you are looking for, Sox by Angus is your one-stop solution. From socks that you can wear with your business attire to party-ready funky socks, we’ve got them all. Regardless of whether you are an animal lover or just love animal prints, you are sure to find something you adore.

The socks we bring to you are Thermo controlled, antibacterial and moisture-absorbent, and suitable (even sensitive!) to all types of skin. When you buy from us, you can rest assured of good quality socks, price and durability.

Stroll through our website to take a look at our wide range of designs. You can avail free shipping when you buy products over $60 and pay with credit cards. We love bringing our designs to everyone, shop with us today!