Come winter, and the first thing you will notice is your freezing feet. Our extremities are the first to be hit by the cold and leak body heat rapidly. Cotton socks are definitely great for summer, but you don’t want to wear them as the nights get longer and longer.

Replace summery cotton socks with the warmth of woollen winter socks to stay toasty all through the cold. Cotton socks just don’t cut it through the weather. Especially if it is damp, soaked cotton socks lose all their insulation, so you might as well not wear anything at all.

Your winter boots, however insulating they may be, need socks as companions. Woollen socks are the absolute best as they absorb a high amount of moisture, dry rapidly and therefore are ready to reuse sooner.

Woollen fibres are also naturally antibacterial and odour resistant. You don’t have to worry about your feet catching some fungal infection, and can walk worry-free all winter!

If you are worried about woollen socks being to drab to match your personality, fret not. We have a great variety of socks in many colours to fit any occasion and individual. The designs are curated to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Get the softest woollen socks to help you tide through winter at Sox by Angus! Our company is committed to bringing you the best quality in men’s woollen socks, and the designs are made keeping comfort and care in mind. With a 20-year experience in making socks, we know exactly what you are looking for!

Browse through our vast selection of colours and designs on our website. When you’re ready to order, receive free shipping on orders above $50. Bring home a pair of Sox by Angus today!

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