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Men's Cotton Socks

Fashion trends change as fast as seasons, as you slip our from your fleece coats into your summer t-shirts. The one thing that stays constant is socks. Regardless of the season, socks are a must-have item in your wardrobe.

When matched cleverly, socks can make your appearance shine more than you ever expected. The material used to make socks varies so much, varying from cheap polyester, to comfy wool all the way to breathable and fancy bamboo socks.

Regardless of these, the unanimous favourites include cotton socks. These are made from fibres of the cotton plant and are very breathable and absorbent. This is exactly why they are used to make apparel, bedding and other textile products.

If you choose wisely, cotton socks are tremendously soft. Great quality cotton in the perfect size fits your feet in a way that makes you feel like you aren’t even wearing them. It is also a natural fibre, which means that you are exposing your skin to fewer chemicals.

Among natural fibres, cotton holds colour extremely well. You will hardly ever hear someone complaining about their socks losing colour and becoming dull. Take care of your socks and they will always stay vibrant.

Cotton is extremely breathable, preventing your skin from breaking out into blisters and growing odour-causing bacteria. Additionally, it is also hypoallergic, so if your skin is sensitive, cotton socks will prevent it from allergic reactions.

For the absolute best socks, come to Sox by Angus. We have a great collection of cotton socks for men, and we deliver all across Australia! Our designs are crafted keeping love and comfort in mind and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Browse through our collection, and when you are ready to welcome new socks home, avail free shipping over $50! Order today to pamper your feet with perfection!

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