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Wool Socks

Shop Angora Wool Blend Socks online in Australia

Feet have a lot of nerve endings and are very sensitive to changes in temperature. You surely don’t want to be stuck wearing cotton socks all through winter. For winter, you should invest in some quality angora wool socks in Australia.

When it is about wet and cold weather, cotton athletic socks just won’t cut it. Wool blend socks wick away dampness while drying fast, which means that they can be reused faster. The fibre stops bacterial growth, making the socks odour-resistant.

Shop Online Wool Blend Socks Wholesale

People think that angora wool blend socks aren’t interesting because they are available in dull colours. But we don’t like being boring. We have an extensive collection of woollen blend socks in several designs. Pick the ones you love and take them wherever you want to tide over the winter.

Wool Blend Socks For Men and Women’s Wool Blend Socks to Stay Cosy

Everyone should experience the magic of wool blend socks – men, women and children! These breathable socks are perfect for everyday wear.

Why Choose Sox by Angus?

A brand cultivated from the love of comfort
Affordable high-end premium products
20 years of experience in manufacturing quality products.
Environmentally conscious
An abundance of products for all ages and all genders

Bulk Wool Blend Socks Online

Don’t just buy any wool blend socks. Bless your toes with Sox by Angus. We offer an exclusive range of wool blend socks wholesale in various sizes, patterns and colours to stay comfortable in all weather conditions.

One can never own enough pairs of socks! Sox by Angus sells bamboo socks, novelty socks, sports socks, business socks, circulation socks, cotton socks, and many more. For more details, fill-up the form here or mail us at

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