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Sox by Angus is a brand cultivated from a love of comfort and a strong belief in affordable high-end premium products. The founder Jay has been manufacturing socks for over 20 years and has experience manufacturing fashion-forward brands globally. He has bought his expertise for his own business. Jay creates and manufactures his socks with the support of his family, contributing to the design aesthetics of the brand.

Jay is passionate about his business and the unique benefits that bamboo socks provide the wearer. Not only are the socks environmentally conscious, but they are also thermo controlled, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, not to mention they are sensational on sensitive skin… or any skin!

Jay’s vision of pairing comfort and quality with affordability is a testament to his skill in business as well as his consideration and care for the body’s health and comfort.

This premium seller of & bamboo socks & is on the rise and is only set to rise higher in the market with the diverse range of socks and designs on offer. Sox by Angus sell & sports socks, outdoor socks, business socks, socks for health. There is an abundance of products for all ages, all genders and will no doubt impress anyone who dips their toes into these unique bamboo socks.

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