Socks Wholesale and Bulk Sale in Melbourne

Be it a cupcake, Christmas hats, polar bear,  violin, cactus printed socks, sustainable bamboo socks, comfort socks or sports socks in wholesale, Sox by Angus has it all for men, women and children! We’ve got a perfect pair of socks for you to match your needs and for you to show off your personality.

As an environment-conscious brand manufacturing socks for over 20 years, we have an extensive range of wholesale designer socks for fashion-forward brands globally

Why Choose Sox By Angus:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Available in various sizes and colours
  • The socks will be thicker and softer.

Shop Fashionable Funny Socks in Wholesale

Funny socks will be a fine addition to anyone’s winter or summer wardrobe. The design of the socks is simple, and the colour pattern of the funny pair of socks is unique in its striking contrasts.

Overall this pair of socks is highly suitable for those with a playful spirit under a perhaps serious appearance. But no matter who you are, it is never lame to have a little fun with your socks.