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Men's Bamboo Socks

Let’s be honest. You’re here because you want the best for your feet.

Socks are an essential part of our wardrobes, and for good reason too. A good pair of socks will keep feet clean while being breathable and flexible. It wicks away sweat and stops your feet from getting stinky. There’s many kinds of socks that remain all-time favorites, such as cotton socks and wool socks.

But the absolute best kind of socks is bamboo socks. Once you try these on, we swear you will never want any other. If you have never tried bamboo socks on you probably find it strange that there are people who will wear no other kind.

But bamboo socks are made from actual bamboo fibres that are spun into yarn. Bamboo yarn is naturally anti-bacterial and has been shown to reduce odor-causing bacteria. Your feet are much less likely to stink with bamboo socks. Plus the socks are highly breathable and absorbent.

Regardless of the temperature, you are in, bamboo socks help maintain the warmth of your feet. If you are in the winter cold, they insulate you and keep your feet toasty. Come summer and they let your feet breathe and stay clean.

Bamboo socks are incredibly soft, like having your feet in the clouds! One of the great things about them is also that they are sustainable and chemical-free.

Bamboo socks are made from organic material that is harmless to the plantation it grows in, is naturally resistant to pests and regenerates rapidly. There is very little energy that goes into making them since managing bamboo doesn’t need irrigation or fertilization practices. For the eco-conscious in you, this is the best it gets.

If you are rather sensitive to clothing material, bamboo socks have got you covered. These are in fact anti-allergenic, which ensures that your skin is free of irritation.

At Sox by Angus, we strive to get you the best quality in socks across Australia. Give your feet the treatment they deserve but never got. With a huge variety of designs and free shipping on purchases over $50, we have the best offers in the sock business.

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