We’ve all had those days when we had to shop for souvenirs. Or get something that represents our country best. What we hate about souvenirs or keepsakes is that it is easy to accumulate them, and they are rather useless. They end up gathering dust on shelves and are forgotten fast.

Is it not better to get something that can actually be used, then? Sure, food and drink are awesome, but many of us don’t have the space to take these with us.

Our suggestion is simple, thoughtful and very useful. Socks! Everyone wears them, and many of us love having interesting patterns on them. Socks are integral to our wardrobes and make subtle statements about our lives.Why not gift a comfortable pair of socks that has Australia-themed prints on them? We love our continent, and why not show that off? Our socks have prints that are great conversation starters and will be enjoyed for several months. You’ll be talking of your adventures and memories from Australia for days to come.

You will love the one with our flag on the shape of Australia, with the colours of our flag! These red, white and blue socks are adorable, and can pair with many of your clothes.

But maybe you want to show your love for the Sydney Opera House? This quirky building has been a symbol of Australia internationally and is sure to make heads turn. Announce your return from the Land Down Under!

Another reason many people visit Australia is our beautiful wildlife. Koalas, wombats, cockatiels and kangaroos are some animals that are weird and unique to Australia. We wanted to share this love and pride with you, for you to take with you everywhere! We’ve got other animals too!

While you’re at it, why not get some amazing musical notes on your socks?

Order from Sox by Angus to get the very best in novelty socks across Australia. We make these from combed cotton to give you quality and comfort while keeping you looking great! What’s more, we want you to share our socks with others! Order in bulk, and get free shipping on orders above $50!

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  • $12.00

    Oi Mate! Can you tell me what do we have here? Of course, it’s a pair of magnificently designed novelty socks from the down under! The continent is depicted in a breathtaking shade of oceanic blue, to remind you of the beautiful natural gifts and sceneries in Australia. From the Great Barrier Reef to the heart-stopping beauty of the Twelve Apostles, this pair of socks will remind you of all the magnificent sights! The onyx black background of the backgrounds complements the oceanic blue color of the country, and reminds you of home no matter where you go. Time to slip in a pair of these socks, and let us all rejoice!

    Available in sizes 6 – 11.


  • $12.00

    These socks are the true monuments. The simple yet elegant design featuring the outline of the Opera House will definitely capture your heart, just like the sight of the Opera House, which will make you catch your breath. The oceanic blue bordering the side of the socks can bring you back to the beautiful scenery surrounding the Opera House. Additionally, the small blue dots littered around the sock give the pair of socks a sense of cheeriness and style. Are you ready to sing on the top of your lungs? Are you ready to show all your friends, your style and your love for the classic performing arts Centre? Get them today!

    Available in sizes 6 – 11.

  • $12.00

    Oi mate! Look here! Look at this absolutely adorable pair of Aussie animal socks! It drew inspiration from our favourite wild friends such as kangaroos, koalas and wombats. Come on, look at their adorable faces, and tell me one thing that is not lovable about this pair of novelty socks! Of course, there is none! This holiday, showcase your true Aussie spirit by wearing a pair of out OZ Animal Socks, and wander around your neighbourhood screaming ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!’ It is time to jump in a pair of those socks and enjoy the company of our favourite friends from the wilderness!

    Suit for size 6-11.