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Women's Sport Socks

Are you an active woman who enjoys sports? Whether you love running outdoors or CrossFit, physical activity is a great stress buster that also keeps you fit. If you’re already in love with sports, your clothes need to make you feel comfortable! Activewear is an essential wardrobe component that helps you get the most out of your physical activity.

All sports need their own form of activewear, but one common factor is socks. With a few exceptions such as swimming, socks are integral to all sports. They are often a part of the official uniforms. Even activities such as cheerleading and dance need you to wear socks to help with movement.

Socks are not just clothes, especially when it comes to sports. They are a protective barrier between you and your shoes, saving your feet from friction burns and blisters. Comfortable socks keep your feet in place and reduce friction and make sure that your feet are protected from shocks and pressure, which helps with endurance during training.

You might enjoy wearing other kinds of socks that show off who you are, but you can’t wear them to run and jump in. Socks that are not made for sportswear out if you use them to complete intense workouts. If you are serious about your activity, invest in a good pair of socks made specifically for sports.

Sox by Angus makes great quality socks for sports. We are your one-stop-shop for sports socks, and make them from breathable and soft bamboo fibre. The fibre keeps your feet clean and dry, stopping bacterial growth.

The material is the thickest you will find in Australia because the amount of bamboo yarn used is the maximum possible. The socks, therefore, last longer and are a great investment if you plan on being active often. What’s more, we make the soles cushioned to treat your feet delicately and retain the softness of the socks.

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