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Women's Bamboo Socks

Looking for the perfect pair of socks? We know how difficult it can be. Especially if you value comfort over anything else, picking socks can be frustrating.

You can’t step out of your home without pulling on your socks, and they are essential to complete your outfit. The right pair of socks should keep your feet clean and dry but also allow your feet to move flexibly. Absorbing excess sweat is essential to stop odor-causing bacteria from growing on your feet. There is a common notion that cotton socks are the best, but if you want true comfort, you must try ladies bamboo socks.

People who use bamboo socks swear by them, and will often crib about having to use other kinds. If you have never tried bamboo socks on you probably find it strange that there are people who will wear no other kind.

They have several valid reasons for feeling this way. Ladies Bamboo socks are made from natural bamboo fibres that are spun into yarn. This yarn is antibacterial and stops your feet from stinking. Additionally, they are breathable and absorbent and keep your feet dry.

Huge Collection Of Ladies Bamboo Socks

Ladies Bamboo socks might sound so breezy that you think they are a mere summer fling, but this is a long-term investment. Bamboo fibre regulates temperature so well, that once the winter cold comes knocking on the door, they bolt it out through insulation. And come summer, they become breathable wicks again!

They are so soft; you will not want to take them off at all. And they are sustainable while being chemical-free, great for those who have sensitive skin. Bamboo fibre is antiallergenic, shielding you from blisters and chafing.

The way the fibre is grown is through plantations that regenerate rapidly and are pest-resistant. The plantation is low-energy and needs no irrigation or fertilization practices, and therefore environment-friendly.

At Sox by Angus, we strive to get you the best quality in socks across Australia. Give your feet the treatment they deserve but never got. With a huge variety of designs and free shipping on purchases over $50, we have the best offers in the sock business.

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