We all know that one person who is totally in love with fruits. Be it their obsession with dragon fruits or them going bananas about… bananas, of course, this person is always talking about a new variety of fruit they found.

Well, now they can talk about it all they like with a pair of patterned socks. At Sox by Angus, we make a huge variety of novelty socks. Many of these are themed, and one of our favorite categories is fruit.

Breathe freshness into your life with citrus-themed socks that have oranges and lemons on them. Or make banana jokes with your friends by slipping into, not on them! Our designers are extremely creative and they love making funky patterns that you will absolutely love.

Express your uniqueness or make a gift to your quirky best friend with our novelty socks. We have a 20-year experience in sock production and are the best you can get across Australia. Why not pick up plant-themed socks to match your fruity delight? Or animals to wander among them?

Our socks are made of combed cotton to make your feet feel like royalty while you strut around showing them off. Order from us and we guarantee you comfort and quirkiness at the best possible rates.

Get your feet the best companions this summer and cool off with fruit-themed socks! Order now to receive free shipping on orders above $50!

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  • $12.00

    designed novelty socks features bright color in the style of pop art and will definitely add a pop of life in your wardrobe! The cyan blue is combined with a cheery pink to surely bring you back to the 80s – to a truly vibrant time! The joyful colors of the socks makes it a perfect fit for anyone who wanted to showcase their carefree and laid-back outlook on life. If you want to live everyday like a party, while striving to stay healthy, then the Banana socks will be a perfect fit for you!

    Available in sizes 3 – 8.

  • $12.00

    The lights are off. What do you think of this pair of funky novelty socks? I know I would rate it ten out of ten! The pair of socks is groovy yet classy at the same time. The cartoon banana scattered on the sock grants the sock a sense of merriness. However, the red dots littered over the sock stood out against the onyx black background and gives the sock a sense of wildness from the 80s. This pair of socks is comfortable, while being perfect for anyone who wants a little freshness in their lives.

    Available in sizes 6 – 11.

  • $12.00

    Time to find your inner artist! Look at this pair of creatively designed novelty socks. The Morandi colours gives this pair of sock an artistic sensation, while the beautiful pattern of this pair especially creative socks a refreshing twist! Who is your best companion in this blazing hot summer? It will be this pair of dragon fruit socks. Are you someone whose looking for a little creativity in life? Do you yearn to express your one-in-a-kind personality through subtle details of your clothing? Well, why not try on a pair of these socks and see if it fits well with your vibrant soul!

    Suit for size 6-11.

  • $12.00

    Socks… but with a twist! Zests up your feet with this tangy pair. Lime is the perfect addition to any dish or salads. Just as this pair of lime socks will be perfect for any casual outfits. The beautiful orchid highlights the border of the socks and makes it look an absolute stylish addition to your wardrobe! Do you ever crave a refreshing taste in your day-to-day lives? Then this pair of lime socks will be the best dressing for you! Time to wear this pair of socks and sprinkle some fresh tastes into your life! I bet you will look sub-lime in those socks!

    Available in sizes 3 – 8 and 6 – 11.

  • $12.00

    Why not add a slice of comfort to your collection? This pair of orange socks will be perfect for a blazing hot summer! Tell me, what do you think is the best drink to cool down during summer? Obviously, it’s going to be a cup of freezing, refreshing, freshly- squeezed orange juice. The aqua blue design of the background of the sock contributes to a sense of coolness during summer. What’s more, the beautiful shade of blue also reminds you of swimming pools in the blazing hot summers. Who doesn’t want to have a chilly soak in the pool in hot weather? This pair of socks will be the perfect addition for your summer time, as it reminds you of so many factors that make summer so great.

    Available in sizes 3 – 8 and 6 – 11.