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Choosing the right gear is essential to make the most of your physical activity. Having the right sportswear allows you to deliver optimum performance and also give required comfort during the practice sessions. You should look for the best quality sports socks in Australia. Our exclusive collection of sports socks in the varied styles of footsie socks, anklet socks, quarter crew cushion socks, colours and sizes.

We are a brand cultivated from a love of comfort. We believe in the power of comfort and style, which is why we’re here to make your feet happy.

Cotton Sports Socks Wholesale in Australia

Whether it is your love for hiking mountains, hitting the gym hard, a competitive activity or a leisurely stroll, sports socks offer you comfort and support. Browse online cotton sports socks wholesale at Sox by Angus! We are an environmentally conscious brand cultivated from a love for comfort. We have an extensive range of cotton sports socks in Australia that fit your lifestyle and daily needs.

Buy Sports Socks Online

The feet release moisture through sweat every day and makes you uncomfortable. Our range of sports socks is made of the right fibre.


  • Cushioned sole
  • Available in bamboo and cotton fabric
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear

If you have issues like varicose veins, check out our range of circulation socks. The loose top socks will promote circulation and compression in the feet.

Bamboo Sports Socks Online

Choose to protect your feet with bamboo sports socks wholesale. If you want to receive all of the benefits of wearing socks but still want to be stylish, bamboo sports socks are perfect. Knitted with maximum bamboo yarn, each pair of our sports socks comes with a coloured sole. The socks are 85% cotton yarn and 15% spandex (polyester/elastane).

Bulk Bamboo Sports Socks

A pair of cosy, comfortable sports socks will help your feet withstand the impact and pressure of sports activities. The sports socks made from bamboo are a perfect addition to your outfit. We have the option for bamboo sports socks wholesale, so buy happiness for your feet in bulk!

Bamboo Anklet Sports Socks

Our bamboo sports socks are made to keep you comfortable during intense physical activities. With coloured soles, these anklet cosy and practical socks are available in various sizes and colours.

Bamboo Cushion Anklet Socks

Our range of bamboo cushion anklet socks will still feel soft after the machine washes compared to cotton socks which will become tougher.

Bamboo Cushion Anklet Sports Socks Online

With Sox by Angus, you can easily and conveniently shop bamboo cushion socks anklet sports socks online. Later, your feet are happy, and so are you!

We offer the option of a refund or exchange. Send it back to us in its original condition within 30 days. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing socks, from funky socks, wool socks, knee-high socks, business socks, work socks for men and women and kids socks, we have it all. For inquiries, connect or mail us at

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