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Men's Circulation Socks

If you are new to the world of socks, you probably don’t know that there are several kinds.

A new category in socks is circulation socks, that like their name suggests, promote circulation in the feet. They are longer, and rise slightly above the calves, and are usually available in dress and sports styles.

Circulation socks are also commonly prescribed by doctors to patients who have health conditions that restrict blood flow to the feet. Such conditions include thrombosis, phlebitis and edema, and wearing the socks ensures that there is proper blood flow in the area.

Men who suffer from diabetes also benefit from circulation socks, as they help minimize symptoms such as cold feet and leg cramps. These are not recommended for people in advanced stages of diabetes, but if you are pre-diabetic or control your blood sugar without insulin, circulation socks can indeed help you.

The socks look like normal socks but exert extra pressure on the legs, massaging them gently. Without making it obvious that you are wearing circulation socks, they give you all the benefits of better circulation. For the best comfort socks, come to us.

At Sox by Angus, we have a wonderful selection of circulation socks handpicked for you. These are loose top cotton socks that are extremely soft and promote circulation. They have a gentle grip and massaging action that soothes your legs and makes you feel comfortable all day long.

For the absolute best in socks, come to Sox by Angus. Our 20-year expertise in socks will never disappoint you and you are sure to bring a pair home and be delighted with it. Our website has a huge collection of different kinds of socks for people of all ages and tastes. Pick your style today!

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