Don’t we all wish for a secret garden? A cosy nook to disappear into to forget about the world and be still for a moment. Breathe, and take it easy. A spot of green in concrete.

Some of us are lucky enough to have this around us. A pleasant garden to switch off in for a bit. But for the rest of us, we must make do with bringing some greenery in through whatever medium possible.

Socks are such a good medium to express yourself, why not use these to bring in some greenery? This is the thought that has brought us to create plant themed socks. Regardless of your love for cacti or trees, we’ve made so many wonderful socks that you can lose yourself in your own secret garden.

Dissolve your tiredness from your office space by sprucing it up with a pair of designer socks from Sox by Angus. Wander off into your portable wilderness in novelty socks made of combed cotton. Get the absolute best for your feet in the muggy summer months and live it up in style!

Check out our fruit-themed socks to add to your plant collection, and our food socks for the things that you can make with those!

Slip into the best socks in Australia by ordering off our website today and get yourself free shipping on orders above $50!

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  • $12.00

    Ever want to look sharp? Those warm yet prickly footwear are a must have addition to your wardrobe! The black borders give this pair of novelty socks a sense of edge. As cute and pixelated cactuses spread evenly across the sky blue socks, they add a sense of playfulness towards the overall aesthetics. If you are a lover of nature and botanic, be sure to grab a pair of those socks to proudly display your passion! Even if you have no interest in succulents… who doesn’t want a little funky accessory to lighten up your day? They will be perfect for all occasions, from a brunch date to a visit of the botanical gardens!

    Suitable for sizes 6 – 11.

  • $12.00

    Come home this weekend to mom’s newly decorated garden! The warm pink pastel colour used on the design of this pair of novelty socks will surely remind you of mum’s tender advices. I mean they are not always tender, but mum is still mum, am I right? The absolutely adorable patterns of gardening essentials printed on this pair of novelty socks will make you have the urge to jump right into gardening once again. Which pair of socks would be the best choice to chill with on a nice Saturday morning? Of course, you know my answer! I think that I know yours, too. Grab your pair of socks now!

    Suit for size 6-11.

  • $12.00

    Damn, do you want to be the coolest gal on the street? Then this pair of fashionably designed Tropical Leaves Socks will be the perfect companion for you! Look at the stylish mustard yellow and the dark blue colour, they will definitely make you the most chic member of your neighbourhood! The absolutely classy pattern of the tropical leaves will make you feel chill and relaxed, as if you are lying on a beach and experiencing some breezy wind with some absolutely refreshing coconut juice. This pair of novelty socks will be the perfect choice for a Sunday afternoon after a good swim!

    Suit for size 6-11.