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New Born Boy Cotton Cushion Turn-over top Socks-12 pack


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  • Specifically, the pack includes 4 pairs of blue socks, 4 pairs of white socks, and 4 pairs of navy socks, for a total of 12 pairs.The turn-over top feature of the socks likely means that there is a folded or rolled edge at the top of the sock that can be turned down to help keep the sock in place and prevent it from slipping down the baby’s leg. This is a common feature in baby socks to ensure that they stay on and keep the baby’s feet warm.

    The cotton cushion material of the socks suggests that they are soft and comfortable for a baby to wear. Cotton is a popular material for baby clothes because it is breathable, hypoallergenic, and gentle on sensitive skin.

    Overall, this set of baby socks seems like a practical and cute choice for parents looking to keep their baby’s feet warm and stylish.

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00-1(3-6 months), 000-00(0-3months), 1-3(6-18months)

Material - Cotton


Material - Spandex




1 review for New Born Boy Cotton Cushion Turn-over top Socks-12 pack

  1. Ellie Zuker

    Cannot recommend SoxbyAngus enough. Jay was extremely helpful with my last minute purchase and the quality of the product is incredible. Will definitely purchase more in the future.

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