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Mens Work Socks

All our mens work socks are made from hard-wearing breathable fabrics to keep your feet cool.

Many of us work long hours these days. Regardless of whether your job is a manager on a field site or you are actually doing the heavy lifting, you are going to wear your shoes all day long, often without leaving your feet free to breathe.

Most workers use steel-toe work boots. These are well-insulated from shocks and damage, but maybe they aren’t the best on the inside.

If you can’t take off your shoes, you at least need to make sure your feet are in the pink of health. The best way to do this is to make sure your socks are comfortable.

You ideally want something that is antibacterial and stops your feet from stinking. This is essential not only to be considerate to your coworkers but also to ensure that your feet are free from infections. Socks wick away moisture from your feet and keep your skin breathable. Business socks and sports socks can be worn with work shoes, but aren’t the best.

Work shoes are best complemented with work socks. These socks are strong and durable but still breathable enough to keep your feet clean and infection-free. They are often reinforced in the toe area to give you maximum protection when you are on the worksite.

Thick work socks ensure that your work boots fit correctly and that you are comfortable all day long. At Sox by Angus, we make socks that are cushioned, well-ventilated and designed to be used in demanding environments. Our 20-year experience in the sock-making industry has taught us everything we need to know to make you the best socks for harsh work environments. We can’t make the hours shorter for you, but we can make the wait less painful!

Whether you walk on concrete for hours or are navigating heavy construction areas, we have the perfect pair of socks for you. Shop online for the best work socks for men on our website and avail free shipping on orders above $50!

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