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Women's No Show Socks

Sometimes, you want to pull off a sockless look. Usually, this is for fashion purposes, but there are days you really want to wear the least amount of fabric possible. In the annoying summer months, this is especially helpful, keeping your feet breezy.

Let’s be clear though, a sockless look is in no way the same as not wearing socks. Socks are essential to keep your feet clean and dry and stop odor-creating bacteria from making your feet their home. But in hotter months, you wear shoes that are shorter and wearing long socks can be annoying visually and to your body temperature.

You still do wear socks, just that they are great at hiding themselves inside your boots. No-show socks are superb at being unnoticeable even with the lowest of canvas shoes, and you will absolutely dig the idea of having your ankles free to the air.

Fashionistas will swear that no-show socks are the way to go when you wear shorts, and anything else is a strict no-no. If you want that trendy look you saw on the latest issue of your favorite style magazine, get yourself a pair of these no-show socks and you are good to go!

Just make sure that you don’t wear these with shoes or boots that go above your ankles. If you wear invisible socks inside these, you are bound to have chafed ankles. For those boots, pick crew, ankle-length or long socks.

Sox by Angus has a great selection of no-show socks that you can pair with any casual wear you like. The socks are made from breathable, soft bamboo fibre, and are perfect for any occasion. Our socks are crafted with love and care for your feet, keeping quality and comfort in mind.

What’s more, the socks we make can be great for most shoes, ranging from boat shoes to dress shoes. They have slip silicone, which helps with grip and an elastic band that keeps them from slipping off your legs. Zip in and around in style with the best socks from us.

Shop online now with any payment method you like, and receive free shipping on orders over $50! Head on over to our collection to get the most out of your sock shopping experience!

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