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Women's Long Socks

The world of socks is vast and difficult to navigate. There are so many socks, it seems exhausting to find the right pair. Especially when it is such an important part of your wardrobe, choosing a good pair of socks can be troublesome.

Socks serve a few basic functions such as keeping your feet clean and dry, protecting them from bacterial growth and preventing them from stinking. If they do these, they’re great socks, right? Well, not exactly.

Everyone is different, and likes different styles. If you are lucky, you like the sock styles that are currently popular. Socks are available in many lengths, from ankle-high to crew socks to long socks. Long socks are not as popular these days, but they are still extremely comfortable.

They look wonderful with shorts, miniskirts, and thigh-high dresses. If you are wearing high boots, long socks can make your look pop. Whether you wear them to play golf, go to a fancy dinner or want to appear dignified for a charity event, knee-high socks are the way to go.

Even though long socks are not popular, we keep producing them. Because at Sox by Angus, we know that you love the styles you are most comfortable in. We don’t want you to compromise on your comfort, and will always produce socks that you will love.

Sox by Angus makes comfortable, superior quality socks that you will enjoy wearing and have fun flaunting! Knee-high socks can be slightly uncomfortable if they aren’t made of the right material. But we make them from bamboo fibre, ensuring that they can be comfortable and breathable. Even after several washes, they retain their softness.

We make them in so many patterns and prints, you will surely find one you love! Shop online for women’s long socks on our website, and receive free shipping across Australia for orders over $50!

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