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Women's Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are all the rage these days, especially in these muggy summer months. You know it, you’ve seen them in all the fashion magazines. All those models getting tanned on their beach strolls are wearing ankle socks with their canvas shoes.

Even if you aren’t in on the latest fashion trends, this one you will like. People aren’t crazy about ankle socks without reason. Although they are often confused with no-show socks, they aren’t the same. As against long socks or crew socks, ankle socks are the perfect length to help you on the run.

No-show socks are aesthetic and used when you want to hide your socks. Ankle length socks are a lot more functional. They are made for moderate-level physical activity, rising slightly above the ankle. This means that they create a barrier between your feet and ankles, preventing them from chafing.

Therefore, you’ll see your girlfriends hit the gym in style with ankle-length socks. They are comfortable and absorb sweat fast, making them your best friends in intense workouts.

But they needn’t be reserved for the gym. Ankle-length socks can be so comfortable, you want to wear them everywhere! No one’s stopping you. We don’t believe in compromising on quality at Sox by Angus, and we want to make sure your comfort comes first. Whether you are in tune with fashion trends or like your comfort, we have your feet covered.

Our ankle-length socks are perfect for you, regardless of your preferences in color. From funky fuchsia to vanilla white, find it all on Sox by Angus.

Shop for yourself or for the wonderful people in your life at Sox by Angus, and gift the best pair of socks ever. Pay through your payment of choice, and get free shipping on orders over $50! Order on our website today.

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