How to Verify Seamless Socks

How to Verify Seamless Socks

Exploring the Intriguing Concept of No Seam Socks

The socks come down from the machine, open like a sleeve, and then go to the seam, that is, sew one end together to form a pocket, and the prototype of the socks comes. Then go to the setting, which is equivalent to ironing. Use a special sock board and a setting machine to iron the socks, mark them with a trademark, and then they can be sold on the market.

A Quick Way to Identify No Seam Socks:

To check no seam socks, you need to turn the socks inside out and inspect the toe closed line. By carefully examining this detail, you can be confident that the socks are ‘no sem’ and will provide maximum comfort and durability.

The Art of Invisible Stitching:

Editing by hand is an ancient method. It is purely manual traditionally, the speed is relatively slow, and the requirements for employees are also high. The appearance of the eye-catching sewing machine is similar to that of the bracing machine, and it is also a disc. However, when the socks are sewed in, the employees are required to align every stitch, and then pull off the excess thread, so that after sewing, the basic look There are no traces of stitching, and the two layers of cloth do not overlap, but they are butted and connected. Without a single suture, it is comfortable to wear on the feet without feeling stitched. In addition, the location of the suture is also at the base of the fingers of the instep.

Our Range of No Seam Socks:

We offer a wide range of no seam socks, including all circulation socks, cotton crew socks for kids at $10 for a pack of 2, bamboo business socks priced at $9 per pair, and stylish black knee-high socks available at $12 per pair.

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