How To Dry Socks Without A Dryer

How To Dry Socks Without A Dryer

It’s a rainy day, you’re dodging puddles while you navigate through the streets, but the inevitable happens -- you take your eyes off the ground for one second. And you’ve just drenched your feet in muddy water.

While you might have just simply stepped on a wet spot in your bathroom while wearing socks, the dilemma still remains.

You have wet socks and no dryer.

Walking around with wet socks is not only uncomfortable but can also increase the risk of fungal infections, and cause blisters and cracked heels. The first thing that comes to your mind when your socks get soaked is --  “how do I dry my socks as quickly as possible?”

Unfortunately, you may not be near home or a dryer, so it is good to know how to dry socks so that you can be ready at any time.

Easy, simple, and effective ways to dry your socks without a dryer.

Towel Roll

One of the most effective ways of drying your wet socks without using electricity at all is by using a large towel. Spread the towel down, then place the socks on top and roll them tightly in the towel. While the towel is on the ground, carefully stand on top of it for a minute, then rotate the towel and stand on it again, while emphasizing the edges. Unroll the towel. You will find that your socks are much dryer. Alternatively, once you roll your socks inside the towel, twist it tightly until the entire towel is rung, to remove all the extra water. If your socks are still damp, follow up with the blow dryer method described below.

Hand Dryer

You can dry your socks quickly using a hand dryer by allowing the hot (or cold) moving air to run over them for a few minutes. The airflow, which is directed through the socks, causes moisture to evaporate, leaving your socks dry.

Luckily, you can find hand dryers in almost any public area. Just head to the nearest bathroom and you’ll be greeted with a selection to choose from.


A hot iron will come in handy when drying your wet socks. Use a thin towel to cover the wet socks, then on the ironing board, press the socks over the towel using high heat.

This is especially useful when you’re around a changing room. This can be in a gym, the office, or in the comfort of your own home.


Although this method requires you to do next to nothing, it takes longer than the previously discussed methods. You simply put your socks on a radiator or boiler and turn them after 30 minutes to allow the entire sock to get the hot air. Your socks should be dry in an hour, and you can put them on and carry on with your day.

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