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Mens Business Sock

Socks are a quintessential part of everyone’s wardrobe. Even if they are often thought to be invisible under longer clothes, matching your socks makes sure your look is impeccable.

This is especially important if you are dressing up for a formal event, business meeting or corporate jobs. You always have to stick to a dress code and look sharp. A mismatched pair of socks can drag you down in such a case.

You may think that to make a perfect impression, you need to choose between comfort and style. But this isn’t true. You can get the most comfortable, absorbent, and breathable socks and yet stay true to your dapper personality. Of course, you can’t wear sports socks, but you still have a lot of choices.

The typical choice of socks with business wear is to wear socks in darker shades such as blue, black and grey. Additionally, some people ensure that their socks are darker than their trousers but lighter than their shoes. Whether you stick to this or not, following a decorum in your office wear makes sure you appear professional at all times.

Selecting the right socks might seem like a challenge, but we are here for you. At Sox by Angus, we have a 20-year experience in designing socks. We create designs and styles that you will absolutely love.

We also bring to you bamboo socks in business wear and men’s dress socks. Bamboo socks are made of sustainable bamboo fibre that is breathable and comfortable. We make these in several solid colors that you can wear to your office in style.

Whether it is to pair with a fancy cocktail dinner or that meeting with your higher-ups, leave a lasting impression with our business socks. For the absolute best in Australia, shop on our website and receive free shipping on orders over $50!

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