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Men's Comfort Socks

Socks are very important if you are suffering from health problems. The right kind of socks ensures your comfort if you have diabetes or vascular problems. For men with a need for a gentle massaging action that stimulates blood circulation in the legs, we have a great selection of circulation socks.

But sometimes, you need a little extra.

Sometimes, people’s skin is highly sensitive to irritation and inflammation. It can be very vulnerable to chafing, blistering and pressure, which cause sores and ulcers. If you find yourself complaining about your socks irritating your feet often, your search for the perfect pair ends here.

Comfort Socks

At Sox by Angus, we bring to you the best quality in comfort socks across all of Australia. Made from the softest cotton, our comfort socks will keep your feet dry and odour-free while preventing infections.

They are also loose-top, which allows free circulation of blood to your legs, and ensures maximum comfort. The socks are made with a gentle grip that holds onto your legs without being annoying and stretches just a little for that perfect fit.

Sox by Angus has a 20-year experience in making socks, and we are committed to giving you the absolute best for your feet. Browse through our extensive collection to find a pair that fits your needs perfectly.

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