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Cotton Plain Cushion Foot Loose Top Socks – Dark Grey – NO SEAM


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  • Loose top socks, also known as circulation socks, health socks, medical top socks, diabetic socks, and comfort socks, are designed to provide a comfortable and non-binding fit for people who have circulation issues, sensitive skin, or simply prefer a looser fit. They often feature a soft cushion sole that provides extra comfort and support for the feet.
  • One of the key features of loose top socks is the extra procedure used to create the loose, non-binding top. After the knitting process, the rubbers are drawn out by hand, resulting in a top that is loose and does not leave marks on the skin. This makes them a great option for people who find normal socks too tight or uncomfortable.
  • Another unique feature of loose top socks is the use of hand linking to close the toe, resulting in a seam-free or flat seam design. This helps to reduce friction and irritation, making them a great option for people with sensitive skin or foot issues.
  • The composition of loose top socks typically includes 100% cotton yarn on the outside and spandex or polyester/elastane on the inside, providing a balance of comfort and stretch. The exact composition may vary slightly depending on the specific product, but they typically consist of around 85% cotton and 15% spandex or polyester/elastane.
  • Loose top socks are available in a range of colors, with up to 13 different options to choose from. They are often referred to as all day socks or every day socks, as they are designed for comfortable daily wear. Overall, loose top socks are a practical and comfortable choice for people who value a non-binding fit and added comfort in their socks.

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Dark Grey


3 – 8, 6 – 11, 11 – 14



Material - Cotton


Material - Spandex



Single Buy $10/pair, Bulk Buy $48/6 pairs

1 review for Cotton Plain Cushion Foot Loose Top Socks – Dark Grey – NO SEAM

  1. Seawing Aviaries

    Extremely happy with this purchase for my Mum. She was delighted with the many different coloured socks I gifted her. They are of good quality and I will purchase again. Highly recommended.

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